Why Does My Garage Door Go Down & then Bounce Back Up in Corpus Christi, TX?

The garage door is part of a daily routine. The garage door is something that is attached to a motor and when you click a button the door opens and closes. This makes it very easy to pull your car into the garage and secure your vehicle. Although the garage door may seem simple, there are lots of parts that have to be working right to make the door run smoothly. If one of the parts is not working right or has been damaged it can stop the entire door from working. The door has come a long way from what they used to be and there are not only smooth motors but there are also fail safes as well. It will stop the door from damaging something that is in its path and it can also stop it from hurting a person or pet as well. The other problem is that the door can become damaged and this can lead to it malfunctioning. One of the most common complaints that people have is that the door will pop back up when you want it to close.

Supertech Garage Door Troubleshoots Why Your Garage Door Starts to Close then Goes Back Up

Garage Door Sensor Working: One of the ways that your garage door has become safer for you and your belongings is with a sensor that will react when something is in its path. It is called the photo eye sensor and is placed at the front of the garage along the path of the garage door. The sensor is usually attached near the channel and about a foot above the ground. This will tell the motor that there is an object that is in the path of the door and it should open back up. The great thing is that if your door is opening back up when you try and close it there could be a simple fix. The first thing that you want to do is to look around the door where it closes and see if there is anything in the path. You can move what is in the path and try to shut the door again. If this is not fixing the problem you want to look at the next option.
Garage Door Photo Eye Sensor Not Aligned: The sensors are attached to the channel and they are not always secured properly. That means that they can be bumped and that will cause them to become off balanced. The sensor only works if they are adjusted to meet each other across the path of the garage door. If one is only bumped a tiny bit it can make the door think that something is in the path. This will cause the door to open back up. The best way to repair this is to call out a professional that can come out and repair them and level and balance them back out.
Damaged Garage Photo Eye Sensor: The sensor can go out and need to be replaced. They are supposed to work but the problem is that they often times will not show any signs they are about to go out until they just go out. If they go out the door will open back up or it can close even if something is in the path of the door. You want to make sure that they are replaced right away.

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