Garage Door Inspection

Serving Texas home and business owners since 2008, SuperTech Garage Door Service is a full service garage door service provider that includes garage door inspection services to our valued clients. Being a family owned and operated business, we not only prioritize quality workmanship, but we also ensure friendly service for all of your garage door needs. SuperTech Garage Door Service technicians possess training, experience, and skills, among other great attributes. Through our expertise, your garage door inspection service is executed with precision and detail.

What Kind of Maintenance Does a Garage Door Need?

Maintenance is important for the health and safety of your garage door and inspections are an exceptional tool. To help the commercial and residential garage doors in Texas, inspection services are designed to help avoid unexpected repairs and inconveniences. Ideally, tune ups should be scheduled annually and inspection services about 6 months after the tune up service. This helps better manage the function and condition of moving parts, performance of safety features, ensuring hardware is in place, and the appropriate components are adequately lubed. Also, during the comprehensive inspection, the electrical system, mechanical system, and safety systems are tested for their overall condition and function. In addition, the garage door panels are assessed for any warping or dents.

Do You Need to Have Your Door Inspected & Serviced?

The next time you enter your garage ask yourself when the last time you garage door was given a good look over. If you can’t even remember your last garage door inspection and tune up, it’s time to call SuperTech Garage Door Service. Garage doors are under constant wear from consistent use which means they require routine care. And if your garage isn’t giving you any problems right now, the working parts may be just about ready to give out!

Garage Door Spring Replacement & More in Austin, Killeen, Waco, Temple & Corpus Christi Texas

The report of the inspection includes any signs of wear, damage, and other concerns such as rust, dryness, and looseness that impact the commercial or residential garage door. For your inspection and other garage door services, call in the experts of SuperTech Garage Door Service. This helps you avoid serious problems that can be prevented.

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